1. What do the Polka dots stand for?2018-01-30T13:35:34-08:00

CALPICO® polka-dot design is a representation of the Milky Way. CALPICO® was first introduced to Japanese consumers on July 7, 1919. As July 7 is also the date of Japan’s traditional Tanabata Festival (the Star Festival). The festival traces its origins to a legend that two stars, Altair and Vega, are lovers staring at each other through the Milky Way. They are allowed to meet just once a year- on the seventh day of the seventh month.
In 1922, a member of the company’s advertising department conceived the design inspired by the Tanabata legend.
The original design had white polka dots spread over blue background to symbolize a starry sky. As years progressed, the polka dots became more colorful and vibrant.

2. What is CALPICO® made from?2018-01-30T13:24:05-08:00

CALPICO® that’s available to our consumers today is derived after going through two fermentation processes. The first fermentation consists of adding a proprietary yeast and lactobacillus to nonfat milk. The lactobacilli cultures the milk and thereby creates our original cultured milk. Sugar is then added to cultured milk and the second round of fermentation begin. This then results in CALPICO® beverages.

3. Does CALPICO® have any healthy benefits?2018-01-30T13:33:37-08:00

It is through the scientific study of our original cultured milk, which is main ingredient of CALPICO®, that we are able to discover its various physiological benefits; such as maintaining health blood pressure, immunostimulatory activity, etc.

4. When can a baby start drinking CALPICO®?2018-01-30T13:34:24-08:00

Babies can drink CALPICO® after they begin eating baby food. However, keep in mind that CALPICO® is not a substitute for milk.

5. Can I drink CALPICO® if I am allergic to dairy products (milk)?2018-01-30T13:35:08-08:00

People with milk allergies should avoid drinking CALPICO®.


Surprisingly fruity, delightfully refreshing!

Refreshing? Totally! Fruity? Oh, you’d be surprised! Different? You bet!
CALPICO is a one-of-a-kind Japanese beverage only made possible by a special fermentation process. Quench your thirst with this fascinating flavor of sweet and tangy combined with a super smooth texture. It’s Japan’s bestselling beverage for over 100 years with fans getting hooked in more than 25 countries around the world! Taste it for yourself and you’ll see, there’s nothing like the CALPICO experience!

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